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Plain Silver Anklets

Introducing our exquisite collection of Made in Italy delicate anklets crafted with the utmost care and precision. Each anklet is meticulously designed using the finest quality 925 sterling silver, renowned for its durability and timeless beauty. Our artisans in Italy pour their passion and expertise into creating these elegant pieces, ensuring every detail is perfected. These anklets radiate charm and grace, adding a touch of sophistication to any outfit. With their delicate craftsmanship and superior materials, our Made in Italy delicate anklets are a testament to Italian artistry and a symbol of refined style. Elevate your look and embrace the allure of these sterling silver anklets that capture the essence of Italian craftsmanship.

925 Sterling Silver Anti-Tarnish Plated Plain Anklet Bracelet with extender - GA-ANK2


925 Sterling Silver Rhodium Plated Plain Anklet Bracelet with Rectangular Crystal - CH-N14-LO-A


925 Sterling Silver Rhodium Plain Lotus Flower Anklet Bracelet - IT-N17-AS-A


925 Sterling Silver Anti-Tarnish Coated Triple Beads Plain Anklet Bracelet with extender - GA-ANK4


925 Sterling Silver Gold Plated Anklet with Little Round Crystal Bracelet - IT-NX-MG-A


925 Sterling Silver Gold Plated Plain Tulip Flower Anklet Bracelet - IT-N13-AS-A


925 Sterling Silver Rhodium Little Heart with cubic Zirconia Anklet Bracelet - IT-N10-MG-A