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Baltic Amber Jewellery - Looking after it, storage & cleaning

How to store and take care of your jewellery made with Baltic amber?

  • If it is set in silver/gold then make sure you store it in a plastic anti-stat cellophane bag, you can use the bag you received for the jewellery purchased from us.
  • If it is amber jewellery made without any silver/gold then you can keep it just in the original gift pouch, or get one from the internet (soft pouches made from linen, cotton or velvet will be good).
  • Keep amber away from direct sunlight, excessive heat, hair spray, perfumes, and detergents.
  • Take off your jewellery when exercising, sleeping, bathing, showering, swimming, cooking or doing anything else which can cause you to produce sweat ;-)
  • To remove dust simply wipe your jewellery using a soft cloth dampened with clean water.
  • Keep amber away from any strong solutions.
  • Do not use any jewellery cleaning solutions as chemicals can damage your amber texture
  • We highly recommend using a silver cleaning cloth to keep your jewellery shiny (you can buy your silver cleaning cloth at our store)
  • Avoid any rough surfaces or metals as amber can easily get scratched
  • The best way to clean your amber beads is a dip of fresh warm water and soft cloth without any detergents/solutions/chemicals. (Tip: Use a drop of olive oil to make your beads shinier)
  • Amber is rather a soft gemstone, be careful as it can scratch easily.


Below is an example of brooch made with 925 sterling silver that was kept without any packaging in a drawer for a longer period of time, and a difference made with just a few wipes of silver cleaning cloth!




After 2-3 min silver cleaning cloth wipes: